Set Sail: An Update of Ivy Grads Taking Part in Olympic Sailing

Dartmouth alum Erik Storck, who was the USA skipper in men’s 49er, and his crew member Trevor Moore, finished their 15-race series with 157 points to place 15th. Storck missed out on the medal race by 22 points. Storck and Moore’s Olympic run was highlighted by a first-place finish in race four as they bested the Irish duo of Ryan Seaton and Matt McGovern by 11 seconds.

Looking ahead, Yale grads Sarah Lihan (women’s 470) and Stu McNay (men’s 470) are still pursuing places in their respective medal races. Skipper Lihan and her teammate Amanda Clark sit in eighth-place with six of their 10 races in the books and the final four preliminary races set to take place on Aug. 7-8. Through eight of 10 races, McNay, also a skipper, and his teammate Graham Biehl are in 17th place and will have a final chance to move into medal contention on Aug. 7 when races nine and 10 take place.

The men’s 49er as well as the men’s and women’s 470 events are being contested as fleet races at the London Games, which meas all three follow the same format. There are a series of races (10 or 15) and the field of competitors is cut down to a medal race based on points accumulated in those races. Points are awarded in each race: first place scores one point, second scores two points, etc. so each team is striving for the lowest point total (the point total from the worst finish is discarded).

Once the 10 or 15 races have been completed, the 10 lowest point-scorers advance to the medal race. In the medal race, points are doubled, so first place gets two points, second gets four, etc. The points total after the medal race determines the placings and the athlete/crew with the lowest number of points is the winner.

Huntington native Erik Storck makes sailing debut with Team USA

Golden opportunities for Lihan, Tunnicliffe

Men’s 49er results | Women’s 470 results | Men’s 470 results

Erik Storck ’07, USA (sailing)
– Men’s 49er R1: 6th (of 20), +0:54
– Men’s 49er R2: 10th (of 20), +1:14
– Men’s 49er R3: 16th (of 20), +1:39
– Men’s 49er R4: 1st (of 20) in 29:36
– Men’s 49er R5: 7th (of 20) +0:45
– Men’s 49er R6: 13th (of 20) +1:35
– Men’s 49er R7: 20th (of 20) +3:15
– Men’s 49er R8: 18th (of 20) +1:57
– Men’s 49er R9: 2nd (of 20) +0:10
– Men’s 49er R10: 17th (of 20) +2:05
– Men’s 49er R11: 5th (of 20) +0:59
– Men’s 49er R12: 20th (of 20) +4:21
– Men’s 49er R13: 17th (of 20) +3:03
– Men’s 49er R14: 8th (of 20) +1:35
– Men’s 49er R15: 17th (of 20) +3:00
– Men’s 49er Finish: 15th (of 20) with 157 points

Sarah Lihan ’10, USA (women’s sailing)
Women’s 470 R1: 7th (of 20) +3:20
Women’s 470 R2: 3rd (of 20) +1:06
Women’s 470 R3: 5th (of 20) +1:10
Women’s 470 R4: 7th (of 20) +1:12
Women’s 470 R5: 19th (of 20) +2:27
Women’s 470 R6: 20th (of 20) +2:38
Women’s 470 R7: Aug. 7
Women’s 470 R8: Aug. 7
Women’s 470 R9: Aug. 8
Women’s 470 R10: Aug. 8
Women’s 470 Medal Race: Aug. 10

Stu McNay ’05, USA (men’s sailing)
Men’s 470 R1: 17th (of 27) +2:15
Men’s 470 R2: 22nd (of 27) +2:58
Men’s 470 R3: 10th (of 27) +1:43
Men’s 470 R4: 3rd (of 27) +0:52
Men’s 470 R5: 23rd (of 27) +3:41
Men’s 470 R6: 23rd (of 27) +4:07
Men’s 470 R7: 6th (of 27) +1:10
Men’s 470 R8: 18th (of 27) +1:55
Men’s 470 R9: Aug. 7
Men’s 470 R10: Aug. 7
Men’s 470 Medal Race: Aug. 9



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