Kathy Delaney-Smith’s Olympic Diary – July 30

Harvard’s Kathy Delaney-Smith (Courtesy of Harvard Athletic Communications)

Kathy Delaney-Smith, head coach of Harvard women’s basketball, will spend the next 10 days traveling to London to watch Crimson rising sophomore Temi Fagbenle compete in the 2012 Olympic Games. Delaney-Smith will be keeping a diary as she experiences the Olympics with her son, Jared, for the first time as the coach of an Olympian.

July 30 – The Journey Begins
I am racing around getting ready for one of the most exciting opportunities of my professional life. I am going to the 2012 Olympics to watch one of my Harvard players!

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to see one of my players compete at the highest level,  and then to have the opportunity to coach her at Harvard for the next three years! I would never have believed this was possible, yet there is so much to do before I go.

First, I need to change to an international phone plan. This is not so simple and if I didn’t do it correctly this will either cost a lot of money or will be my last blog entry. Then I need to exchange money. Math was never my strong suit so this is a challenge as well. The passport is easy. I have one day to do all this plus unpack from recruiting, repack for London and do laundry in between.

I am leaving tomorrow morning from Boston and meeting up with my son, Jared, who is leaving from New York City. He spent a semester abroad in London during college so not only will he be fun to travel with, he will also be invaluable riding the tube! Once we arrive there will be a strong Harvard contention. We are meeting up with Liz O’Leary, head coach of Radcliffe heavyweight crew, Cory Bosworth, her assistant, and Liz’s son, Johnnie. We plan on watching crew Wednesday morning and cheering Temi on Wednesday night against Russia in her third game.

I will have to buy Great Britain gear when I get over there. I hope London is ready for us!!!


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