2012 Olympians

Forty-nine current or former Ivy League athletes will take part in the 2012 London Olympics.

The athletes hail from all eight Ivy League schools and will represent 11 countries, including the United States, Australia, Canada, Croatia, Dominica, Egypt, Great Britain, Haiti, Nigeria, Serbia and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Princeton leads the way with 15 participants, followed by Harvard (nine), Columbia (seven), Yale (six), Dartmouth (four), Cornell (three), Brown (two) and Penn (two). Moreover, five Ivy League coaches will be performing similar duties in London.


Brown (2)
Craig Kinsley ’11, USA (men’s track and field, javelin)
Nikola Stojic
’97, Serbia, (rowing, men’s coxless pair)

Columbia (8)
Sherif Farrag ’09, Egypt (fencing, men’s foil)
Erison Hurtault
’07, Dominica (men’s track and field, 400m)
Nick LaCava ’09, USA (rowing, men’s lightweight four)
Nzingha Prescod ’15 USA (fencing, women’s foil)
Nicole Ross ’12, USA (fencing, women’s foil)
Jeff Spear ’10, USA (fencing, men’s sabre) 
Lisa Stublic ’06, Croatia (women’s track and field, marathon)
James Williams ’07, USA (fencing, men’s sabre)

Cornell (3)
Muhammad Halim ’08, Virgin Islands (men’s track & field, triple jump)
Ken Jurkowski ’03, USA (rowing, men’s single sculls)
Morgan Uceny ’07, USA (women’s track and field, 1,500m)

Dartmouth (4)
Anthony Fahden ’08, USA (rowing, men’s lightweight four)
Sean Furey ’04, USA (men’s track & field, javelin)
Evelyn Stevens
’05, USA (women’s road cycling)
Erik Storck ’07, USA (sailing)

Harvard (9)
Brodie Buckland ’06, Australia (rowing, men’s pair)
Caryn Davies ’05, USA (rowing, women’s eight)
Temi Fagbenle ’15, Great Britain (women’s basketball)
Malcolm Howard ’05, Canada (rowing, men’s eight)
Samyr Laine ’06, Haiti (men’s track & field, triple jump)
Esther Lofgren ’09, USA (rowing, women’s eight)
Alex Meyer ’10, USA (swimming, 10K)
Will Newell ’11, USA (rowing, men’s lightweight four)
Henrik Rummel ’09, USA (rowing, men’s four)

Penn (2)
Koko Archibong ’03, Nigeria (men’s basketball)
Susan Francia
’04, USA (rowing, women’s eight)

Princeton (15)
Donn Cabral ’12, USA (men’s track & field, steeplechase) 
Sara Hendershot ’10, USA (rowing, women’s pair)
Maya Lawrence ’02, USA (fencing, women’s epee)
Caroline Lind ’06, USA (rowing, women’s eight)
Sam Loch ’06, Australia (rowing, men’s eight)
Diana Matheson ’08, Canada (women’s soccer)
Andreanne Morin ’06, Canada (rowing, women’s eight)
Glenn Ochal ’08, USA (rowing, men’s four)
Robin Prendes ’11, USA (rowing, men’s lightweight four)
Julia Reinprecht ’14, USA (field hockey)
Katie Reinprecht ’13, USA (field hockey)
Susannah Scanlan ’14, USA (fencing, women’s epee)
Gevvie Stone ’07, USA (rowing, women’s single sculls)
Soren Thompson ’05, USA (fencing, men’s epee)
Lauren Wilkinson ’11, Canada (rowing, women’s eight)

Yale (6)
Ashley Brzozowicz ’04, Canada (rowing, women’s eight)
Charlie Cole ’07, USA (rowing, men’s four)
Tess Gerrand ’10, Australia (rowing, women’s eight)
Sarah Lihan ’10, USA (women’s sailing)
Stu McNay ’05, USA (men’s sailing)
Taylor Ritzel ’10, USA (rowing, women’s eight)


Princeton (2)
Michelle Cesan ’14, USA (field hockey alternate)
Ashley Higginson ’11, USA (track & field, steeplechase alternate)

Yale (1)
Jamie Redman ’10, USA (rowing spare)


Alum Jimmy Pedro ’94, USA (judo)

Fencing head coach Michael Aufrichtig, USA (modern pentathlon, fencing portion)
Former wrestler David Barry, USA (Team Leader, greco-roman wrestling)
Field hockey assistant coach Caroline Nichols, USA (field hockey player)

Men’s track & field head coach Nathan Taylor, Virgin Islands (track & field head coach)
Alum Dan Fronhofer ’04, USA (men’s rowing coaching staff)

Men’s swimming & diving head coach Tim Murphy, USA (open water swim coach)

Alum Brandon Slay ’98, USA (wrestling coaching staff)

Field hockey assistant coach Nate Franks ’07, USA (field hockey coaching staff)

Rowing assistant coach Sarah Trowbridge, USA (rowing, double scull)

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